Why Choose Us?

Fresh, reliable, quality service.

Decent “old fashioned” values.

Now wouldn’t that be a breath of fresh air!

Fully up to date

Don’t be fooled, old fashioned values doesn’t mean that we aren’t right up to the minute with changes in the market, the economy, legislation or technologies.

We don’t like technology for it’s own sake – but we do use the best and most efficient systems available to run our (and your) business.

A fresh approach … because quality service does matter.

Communication and transparency

We aim to give you full access to the administration of your portfolio – even from your yacht in the Bahamas, beach in the Caribean or Auchtermuchtie.

One of the most important parts of our administrative systems is ensuring that rent is paid on-time by tenants and reaches the landlord quickly, with any issues picked up (and dealt with) promptly. On the rare occasions when issues crop up communication is generally the key to avoiding problems.

Our systems also help ensure periodic compliance requirements (such as annual safety reviews) are dealt with on time and we aim to provide links to access and view rent statements and deductions.

At Rosemount Property we’re all about people – you, our customer.

Taking care of your asset

​At Rosemount Property we genuinely appreciate that your letting property is a valuable asset. We care about that!
When you hand over the keys to your property we want you to have peace of mind and to know that we’re looking after your property as we would one of our own.

We’ll give you an honest valuation and honest feedback on what may need to do done to set up your property as a great rental property.

If your property hasn’t been let out before we’ll include a full evaluation of the set up or “get go” costs.

We want to ensure that you receive regular income and do our best to ensure that you avoid unexpected bills by, for example, helping you to budget for annual, or periodic, compliance obligations such as gas safety inspections.

The main thing ?

Have you heard the saying “The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing” ?

At Rosemount Property we believe that (from the perspective of the landlord’s business) it’s important to keep sight of one very important question :-

How much of the monthly rental does the landlord keep at the end of the month?

By taking care of your investment, keeping good rates of occupancy and trying to cut out excessive costs we believe we will deliver “the main thing” – year in and year out.

Managing expenditure – a fresh approach

In practice “maintenance” is rarely completely static. We aim to keep properties on a gentle “upward spiral”. We have seen too many examples of the alternative – a downward spiral – at the hands of other letting agents or “property managers”. The results can be a landlord’s worst nightmare!

Good people – great service

In our experience “good people” attract “good people”. We have an ever growing network of trades people who share our values.

At Rosemount Property we’re pro-active and competitive in finding trade professionals who also provide good service for a fair price. We take the “competitive” part very seriously. If you hear about better service providers we want to meet them! We can also provide general maintenance and project management services to help keep developments and “refurbs” on track.

Keeping up with changing Legal requirements

You may have noticed a lot of changes in the requirements being placed on landlords recently – like landlord registration, tenancy deposit schemes (along with the accompanying requirement for inventories) and immigration checks

And the ever increasing list of “compliance” requirements such as electrical safety, fire detection, gas safety, carbon monoxide safety, water safety, Energy Performance Certificates – the list goes on!

​At Rosemount Property we are keeping a careful “weather eye” on developments of this sort and considering how landlords can best meet their obligations and continue to protect their interests.

For more information on landlords’ Legal requirements and “compliance” click here

New Legal Changes Pending

Currently, there are two major legal proposals pending in regard to a proposed new tenancy agreement for Scotland and new taxation proposals. Both proposals could have a significant impact on the business and income of private landlords in Scotland.

For more information on Legal developments click here