Your Home

At Rosemount Property we want your new home to feel like home.

We’ll work with you to ensure that you’re comfortable and secure in your new home.

You’ll be provided with a clean, inspected property which meets all safety requirements. All we ask of you is that you take care of your rental property and return it at the end of your tenancy in the same condition that it was provided so that it can continue to be maintained in the best possible condition.

We look after properties professionally on behalf of landlords as if they’re our own, and as an intermediary we can represent your needs in a fair and objective way. We want to ensure you get quality and value living in a home you can be proud of – whatever your length of stay.

We find that if you talk to us along the way, everyone is happy – most importantly – you can feel happy and secure in your home.

Here To Help

Our goal is to provide a convenient, efficient and professional home finding service for all tenants and we’re happy to help with the all stages of the application process.

We do our best to “keep it simple” wherever we can. We’ve put links on this page to outline how it all works.

If you’re interested in any of our advertised properties, simply click here to arrange a viewing. We don’t charge tenants any fees for setting up a tenancy.

If you don’t see what you require – let us know – we’re constantly adding new properties to our portfolio and offer a free “property alert” service.

We simply register your interest and preferred property type in our system and contact you as something suitable becomes available.

That way you may be the first to know and get straight to the “front of the queue” which improves your chances of getting the best properties.

Just say hello to us – we’ll try to help with everything else!

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple and borne out by years of experience…

… if people are happy in their home, they’re more likely to take better care of it and stay longer, which is good for everyone…

So – happy tenants and happy landlords – happy days!

Communication and responsiveness is important so we realise it’s important that we’re approachable and easy to access. Obviously we’re proactive with things like property checks, but it’s how we handle any problems or maintenance issues that may crop up that matters most.

Once an issue’s been reported, we’ll make sure it gets to the right person in our team and they’ll get to work to ensure the issue is resolved promptly. We have systems in place to ensure emergencies are dealt with more urgently.

It’s important to us that you feel comfortable, secure and right “at home”.